ONE-EIGHT-ONE Hotel & Serviced Residences ONE-EIGHT-ONE酒店及服務式住宅

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ONE-EIGHT-ONE Hotel & Serviced Residences ONE-EIGHT-ONE酒店及服務式住宅

The previous office building (formerly known as Western Harbour Center), located at 181–183 Connaught Road West, was under construction to convert into a 183-room hotel and serviced residences.

Construction work came to the final stage and the occupation permit was obtained in March 2019. Total renovation costs including professional fee amounted to approximately of HK$532 million and all expenditures are funded by internal resources.

The hotel operation is to be managed directly by the Group and it is scheduled to commence business soon.

As mentioned earlier, we expect tourism will pick up in 2019 with the opening of the High Speed Rail and the Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge. Whilst there are challenges ahead, we expect the hotel to bring in a respectable income.

重建工程進入最後階段,酒店已於二零一九年三月取得入伙紙。總改建費用包括專業費用約為港幣532,000,000 元,所有支出均由內部資源撥付。



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Location: 181–183 Connaught Road West