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Liu Chong Hing Property Management and Agency Limited 廖創興物業管理及代理有限公司

Liu Chong Hing Property Management and Agency Limited, established in 1976, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company and is principally responsible for managing certain properties developed by the Group. Its revenue remained stable in 2018. 廖創興物業管理及代理有限公司於一九七六年成立,為本公司全資附屬公司,主要負責管理本集團發展之若干物業。該公司於二零一八年收益保持穩定。

The followings are the objectives of the company in providing management services to their clients: "Quality Services, Professional Management, Resources Saving, Occupation Safety, Legal Compliance, Protection and Improvement". 該公司將「優質服務、專業管理、節能惜資、職安保健、遵章守法、預防改進」作為質量方針,為客戶提供高質素的管理服務。

The Company was awarded ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and IMS certificates, indicating that our management services have attained a high quality level in the industry. 該公司物業管理水平達國際認可之高標準,已獲授ISO 9001:2015、ISO 14001:2015、OHSAS18001:2007及IMS等管理體系認證。

ISO 9001
Quality Management System 質量管理系統認證
ISO 14001
Environmental Management System 環境管理系統認證
OHSAS 18001
Occupational Health and Safety Management System 職業健康及安全系統認證
Integrated Management System 綜合管理系統認證

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