Australia Manufacturing Plant 澳洲廠房

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Australia Manufacturing Plant 澳洲廠房

During the year of 2018, the group teamed up with the same joint venture partner Value Partners Group (Stock code 806), in addition to the investment in 2017, to acquire one more warehouse (now in total 3 warehouses) in Japan and one manufacturing plant in Australia.

The management regarded the investment would bring the group’s a stable rental return together with a long term appreciation of properties. The share of results of joint ventures of approximately HK$61.8 million, under equity accounting, represented the 50% share of net asset value of the investment which included the annual rental revenue and asset revaluation gain.
繼二零一七年的投資後,本集團於二零一八年期間與同一合資夥伴惠理集團( 股份代號 806),在日本再收購一個倉庫(現時共有三個倉庫),及在澳洲收購了一個廠房。